We are happy you stop by King David Services website, we are dedicated in providing our customers with excellent service. Our competent professionals have the answer to your needs. Offers local and outreach mechanical Services on both domestic and foreign vehicles.

We are specialized in:

  • Engine Electrical diagnosis and repair
  • Drive train electrical
  • Body and frame electrical
  • Diagnostic trouble code retrieval and repair
  • Auto Air-conditioning
  • Engine rebuilding and overhaul
  • Automatic transmission diagnosis and repair.
  • Standard transmission overhaul and clutch train replacement
  • Drive shaft and axles
  • Differential diagnosis and overhaul

Custom Diesels

Our custom Diesels, Formerly Ford Econoline 350 series, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Ford F150 Extra cab and Lincoln LS 4 dr sedan; feature the famous five cylinder Mercedes bens 3.0l turbo diesel engine, a 5 speed manual Ford transmission and a heavy or light duty differential manufactured by Ford.

These combinations seemed absurd at first but the custom division led by Solomon Bett began an experimental project to determine the mathematical correlation and futility of the drive train concept. This required among others, a prototype to be built from the design desk. Upon completion of all adaptation kits and assembly, the first Jomoline passenger series rolled out.

Twenty 100lbBags of dry sand were loaded and jomoline #1 embarked on a 4000 mile journey From Houston TX to Duluth Minessota along Interstate 35N. Road Data collected were staggering. Jomoline proofed to handle well on ascending and descending terrain. Its passing/ overtaking potential and smooth drive was convincing to commission the establishment of the custom line. Though more automotive tests are in progress we have confidence on the results based on the popularity of the Benz Turbo engine available in 79-85 300 Ds and the Durability of Ford vehicle body and chassis. 

Jomoline customs, have earned an honorary nick name" the Mule"; for their strength and efficiency. Some are being put to the test at this moment and watch for one at your neighbor's yard very soon. 

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